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My Approach

As my client, you can expect to see energy cost reductions and predictable energy budgets. Below are samples of the problems I encountered and the solutions I developed.

Client Problem: Client had facilities in multiple states and needed help taking full advantage of the competitive options of the evolving electricity deregulation in each state.

Solution: Developed a risk management policy, saving them $62 million in electricity costs over a five year period.

Client Problem: Gas and electricity deregulation is developing quickly and differently in each state where the client conducts business. They needed professional expertise to find their way through the maze of gas, electricity, and other energy resource issues.

Solution: Purchase gas and electricity on their behalf for savings of 10-40% compared to utility tariff prices.

Client Problem: Client had deferred upgrades of its energy plants and was faced with poor operation. It needed more reliable and lower cost support of its core processes without making capital improvements.

Solution: Led a team of legal, financial, engineering, and operating personnel to market and sell three cogeneration facilities for $109 million net and then buy back energy at a discount to its prior cost.

Client Problem: Client needed to align energy procurement, consumption, operations, and treasury activities with their broader corporate strategies.

Solution: Developed a strategic energy plan that controlled costs and managed price risk of electricity, gas, steam, and oil needs.

I Am, Above All, Flexible

Each client has different requirements, and I strive to accommodate their needs. I design each assignment to produce sustainable results with the least intrusion to the core business.

I Am Independent

Because I have no affiliation with suppliers, I pick the best supplier for each client's needs. I can seamlessly switch clients to a new energy supplier or supplier product as needed.

Quick Response Is Guaranteed

Nothing is more frustrating than working with a consultant who is late returning calls or emails. I guarantee your calls will be returned within four hours or less.

I don't work with theory but with hands-on approaches that are proven to work.