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My business philosophy is to tailor energy consulting services to meet clients' needs for economically and reliably supplied energy with a minimum of intrusion to the core business. The biggest achievements and lowest cost for consulting services have come from clients that trust the services as if they were provided internally.

I provide a wide variety of energy consulting services, expert witness testimony, and periodic energy news services to large energy-using and multi-facility customers. Services include assistance with gas, oil and electricity procurement, risk management, strategic planning, outsourcing energy asset operation and ownership, and legislative and regulatory advocacy, periodic energy news services, and expert witness testimony.

Sample Services Include:

Energy Usage Forecasting / Energy Shaping

  • Purpose of Service: Budgeting, forecasting energy demand, and analyzing tariff costs.
  • Intended Results: Better control of energy needs.
  • Structure: Interval data from utilities are analyzed to assess buying needs - both sustained and peak.

Management and Scheduling Energy Delivery

  • Purpose of Service: Ensure energy is delivered to meet full requirements with minimal imbalance costs.
  • Intended Results: Ensure short term and long term energy needs are met by the energy supply.
  • Structure: Energy supply infrastructure (e.g., voltage) and supply reliability are provided by the utility as needed.
  • Commodity energy supply is contracted to meet hourly supply reliability and budget needs.

Energy Settlement

  • Purpose of Service: Ensure settlement costs between purchased energy supply and dynamic usage is consistent with purchase contracts and as economical as possible.
  • Intended Results: Minimal imbalance cost between energy supply and energy usage.
  • Structure: Review of monthly supplier detailed billing and comparison of interval usage data with contractual obligations of the parties.

Negotiating Wholesale Energy Contracts

  • Purpose of Service: Maximize client savings of deregulated energy services.
  • Intended Results: Net cost savings to client and certainty of operating costs.
  • Structure: Bid process, using client load profile and risk tolerance for price variances.

Energy Asset Valuation and Outsourcing

  • Purpose of Service: Ensure the maximum value of energy assets.
  • Intended Results: Better utilization for retained assets, maximum value if outsourced.
  • Structure: Assessment of long term value of assets, bid process, and outsourcing or sale where best for the client.

Process Improvement Recommendations

  • Purpose of Service: Energy procurement and utilization assessment for "best practices" and most economical results.
  • Intended Results: Simplicity and effectiveness in energy procurement and lowest practical costs for operating expenses.
  • Structure: Thoughtful and comprehensive review of the current process, comparison to "best practices," team discussion of alternatives, and implementation with minimal intrusion to core business operations.

Risk Management

  • Purpose of Service: Ensure supply reliability and costs are properly managed and consistent with budget plans.
  • Intended Results: Costs and supply reliability, meet budget, and operating needs.
  • Structure: Both regulated and deregulated services are carefully analyzed, risks and rewards for potential changes are quantified, and a "team" approach is developed to implement and manage.