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"Jackson provided a level of expertise, commitment to excellence, and energy level to his clients that is rarely seen in the consulting field. His customers were receiving guidance with value far in excess of that received by entities that were relying on other energy consultants. Jackson consistently demonstrated he understood the value of service, and so I would have no reservations in recommending."Daniel Jackson, Senior Risk Advisor at Southern California Edison (SCE)

"I have known Jackson for over ten years. He has been an excellent and most knowledgeable industry colleague. I know that when I call Jackson for information, I will get what I need."Aiman El-Ramly, Chief Business Officer at ZE PowerGroup Inc.

"Jackson, as you know, the energy field can be complicated for the average manager given numerous federal and state laws, the various programs offered by the utility companies for both electricity and gas, and the efficiency opportunity in proper utilization of these resources. On top of that, the impact from severe weather changes, the supply and demand forces at work which vary geographically, coupled by the market impacts from traders vying for positions in the futures end of things, makes staying on top of energy costs for our company very challenging. Your expertise in understanding new and existing regulations has been a great assistance to us. Your ability to stay on top of the market forces at work each day has provided us excellent guidance in mapping a cost strategy both short and long term. Your timely updates keep us well informed on changes in the energy field. No one has a crystal ball on what prices will do two months from now or six, but being able to understand what influences the market and knowing when that change provides us insight that we use to plan our purchases. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to working with you in the future."Jim Skinner, President, SierraPine