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Optimal Direct Access Buying Strategies in California

The chronicle of regulatory and legislative actions presented in this White Paper have profoundly affected the power market in California, now offering multiple consequences for generation resource development, consumer load shapes, market prices, regulated utility conservation programs, air quality standards and attainment, renewable resource development, and the availability of energy. California is now steaming forward with binding legislative and regulatory plans to limit the type of electric generation that will challenge the market capacity to keep up with growing consumer demand, such that savvy buyers of energy will prosper in both the economy of purchases and the dependability and certainty of electric supply. Read More.

A Regulatory, Legislative and Market Perspective of Interruptible Electric Service in South Path-15

The United States and California have experienced a rich and challenging energy history. It has consisted of a period of robust generation and marketing programs to sell appliances and encourage electrical usage in the '40s and early 70's, followed by the Arab Oil Embargo in the mid-'70s and conservation, a National Energy Act and promotion of electric generation for customer use from the 70's to the '90s, deregulation, and reduction in interruptible programs, arriving today at robust utility efforts to support customer-friendly energy conservation and demand response programs at attractive customer savings. Read More.

California Resource Adequacy Costs for Direct Access Customers

I recommend that Direct Access customers of Sempra Energy Solutions (SEMPRA) accept an offer from SEMPRA to fix the price of the Direct Access Resource Adequacy Requirement capacity adder for 2007. The current commodity electricity price of electricity will remain unchanged. The adder price offer for this new regulatory requirement is less than $5.00 per MWh for the period January 1 through December 31, 2007. Read More.

Eight Steps to Improved Natural Gas Hedges

Procurement and budgeting of natural gas should be the responsibility of the end-user company authorized personnel; however, assistance should be solicited from the company's energy consultant and supplies. Read More.